Pregnancy Yoga Edinburgh

Pregnancy Yoga classes are going well at New Town Therapy and the Tuesday lunchtime class is almost full. I will be starting a Monday evening class in August at 7.15pm – get in touch to register your interest. I am now running these classes on a drop in basis so you can join the class at any stage.



Take the upgrade

As part of my experience as lululemon ambassador, I have been taking part in a leadership and personal development course known as IGOLU. Lululemon is big on helping their employees and ambassadors reaching their full potential. On the outside this may not seem that different from other big companies however lululemon actively encourage employees to share their very personal goals with the company, even if that means they eventually want to leave to pursue other ambitions. I find this so refreshing ( and not something you would ever see in my previous life as a lawyer where everyone pretends to want to be a partner to keep their job).

One of the main principles I took from my IGOLU training is to “take the upgrade”. As part of the course we are encouraged to ask others about our qualities and areas we need to work on. One of the lovely things that comes out of this is a true view on how others see you. Once you have accepted that view, you then adopt it as your own and believe you are the person your biggest champions believe you to be. Its a really nice feeling and as I’m British and can’t accept a compliment without giving one, I found myself writing my answers in respect of the people I asked which they really seemed to appreciate. I would recommend this practice to anyone but especially if you are going through any period of self doubt (don’t we all).The questions are:

  1. What do you most appreciate about me?
  2. What do you wish I would appreciate more about myself?
  3. What should I continue that supports my Best Self?
  4. Do you notice areas of my life where I experience a loss of power?
  5. When am I most inspired?
  6. What do you find challenging about me?
  7. What is the one thing you wish for me in the next three years?
  8. What is the one thing you believe I could master in my lifetime?

So at the start of this new week, ask some people close to you these questions and be inspired and supported by the answers.

When I met Susanne Conrad at the Get Quiet Live Loud Ambassador Gathering I was really impressed by her innate ability to draw out of people qualities that even themselves couldn’t articulate and she has this brilliant way of helping people find the best version of themselves. She also played this song at the start of the workshop just because she liked it and it made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

Wild Warriors at the Museum

ww me 1Last night I had the honour of assisting my fellow lululemon ambassador Demelza in demonstrating a yoga class for 500 yogis at the National Museum. The event was to celebrate the grand opening of the lululemon Edinburgh store on Friday 10th July. It was really cool to get the view of everyone from the stage without having any pressure to say anything! The theme of the event Wild Warriors has inspired me to write a class for warriors for the opening lululemon class on Sunday 12th July. Sign up here for that.

ww me and d

Well done to Demelza and the whole team at lululemon and especially to Sam, Jenny and Rachel who’s vision it was to hold such a huge event. It was a massive success, my favourite part was seeing all of my yoga teacher friends under one rood, something that has never happened before with us all working in different places. It was fantastic to feel the real community energy and love for yoga from them all and all of the attendees!  Can’t wait for the store opening and more crazy audacious events!

Cover photo credit – Jenny Clark

Yogabirth Pregnancy Yoga Course

This weekend I travelled to London to begin my YogaBirth Yoga for Pregnancy training with Judy Cameron. I’ve been drawn to teaching pregnancy yoga for a long time and so many people have been asking me about classes I decided now is the time even though I’ve been through the mill a bit recently with 2 miscarriages. The weekend was brilliant and I learnt a huge amount not just about how yoga can aid pregnancy but also about the natural birth process and how best we can assist women achieve the birth they want. Judy is a very inspiring teacher who is also a midwife with many years experience both in birthing and yoga. I’m really looking forward to starting my pregnancy yoga classes on Tuesdays at 12.30pm at New Town Therapies and to the second weekend’s training in November.

my lululemon story

10659164_512983225471842_6063613304883911006_nIt all started last summer when I heard that a yoga wear brand, lululemon athletica was coming to Edinburgh. I didn’t want to get too excited at first – I thought they might come to our sleepy town with 2.5 yoga studios and decide, nah Manchester, Glasgow [insert bigger European city here] is a bigger,better option. They didn’t, they came, they saw and they liked what they saw. A small city yes, but one with an underground yoga and fitness scene made up of the usual big players and myriad of small players working with passion and forging an independent course for the benefit of their clients.

I was in luck, lululemon were here and they were coming to my yoga class. Around this time my husband went to Canada and I asked him to bring me back some Luon of his choice (his choice of my specified colours, sizes and garment types…). He brought back my first ever lululemon experience – a Power Y tank, In The Flow Crops and an All Sport (8)

Instantly I was hooked, the gear performs functionally and makes it appropriate to wear bum hugging leggings in class, to class and after class which in my line of work means I no longer have to change 100 times a day to maintain my dignity. My interest piqued, I had a look on the lululemon website and things got interesting. It struck me from their blog and manifesto that lululemon actually stand for more than opaque coverage (as an aside the word opaque really confused me – opaque tights = see through. opaque leggings = don’t you dare say you can see through) and form fitting tops. They stand for living life to the full, encouraging health in all areas of life, learning new things, getting outside and spreading the benefits of yoga. That sounded familiar to me. I saw our shared beliefs and thankfully the lululemon team saw them too.

About us_manifestoLululemon is a Canadian brand. They like to have real, honest conversations, particularly those that make us Brits awkward. When they ask their ambassadors to join their community they like to do it with a big show of love (eek), p.d.a. (ahh!) and making a big deal out of something that we Brits might send an email about. And that’s how I became an ambassador, before my class, amongst my embarrassment, red cheeks and sweaty palms.


The ambassador scheme started for me at the perfect time, when I was stepping up to one of my goals of running my own classes in my own venue and dealing with the associated responsibilities. This step has been elevated and supported by lululemon, providing a platform for people to become aware of the benefits of yoga and building community to support that development. Community is something we both feel strongly about. There was little to no inter-teacher /studio community in Edinburgh before the lululemon showroom popped up. For me, no longer working at one yoga studio specifically, the showroom gives me somewhere to go to talk yoga, health and be inspired by other teachers in yoga but also in other health professions. I also get to teach community classes which helps me to get my name out and build new business.

ambassador 1

Of course the clothes are great, but the people are what make the brand what it is – “the smiley ones” as my husband calls them. They’re smiling because these kids are passionate about what they do, and why not when part of their job involves daily sweats and talking to people with the same interests. A personal highlight was when I had the chance to assist the London team in a photo shoot for the website. It was a full bells and whistles shoot that I had (clearly) never experienced before but the team made me feel really at (8) copy

This summer the showroom will be growing up and blossoming in to a mahoosive *STORE* on Edinburgh’s prime retail spot in George Street. This is from a team that started last June as a one man band, meeting and building community from coffee shops around town (Sam you rock). The feat is nothing short of outstanding, Edinburgh will join London as the only cities in Europe to have a store with all the benefits that will bring for our community. They are currently recruiting too so get in touch if you are interested and I can refer you on. I can’t wait for all of the exciting opening events, joining forces with lululemon to encourage Edinburgh’s people to live long, healthy and fun lives. Stay up to date with these events here – I look forward to seeing you to celebrate the grand opening!10416597_589247744512056_5211589798104619911_n

Nourish Your Soul – Yoga And Food Workshop

food workshop 1

Hi all

I am excited to share with you this wonderful yoga and food workshop that myself and the wonderful chef Sarah of YogiBeet are running on Saturday 21 March. Its going to be a morning filled with food and yoga-love!

Here is the schedule for the day:

10am – 40 minute flow yoga practice with me.

In this practice we will draw inspiration from the yogic observances and first two limbs of yoga, Yama and Niyama. The yoga session will set the tone for the workshop, endeavoring to speak the truth of our real feelings towards food, letting go of any harmful habits and experimentation. This approach will be taken toward the postures also, coupled with sequencing to enliven our digestive system in preparation for learning about and nourishing ourselves with beautiful food. The session is accessible to complete beginners and those with an existing practice. Please let us knowbeforehand if you have any injuries or are pregnant.

Followed by a nourishing and restorative smoothie

11am – Cooking Workshop with YogaBeet

During this interactive workshop we will cook a plant based lunch together, learn how to turn the humble vegetable into delicious dishes, explore diverse ingredients, and engage in some food myth-busting chat. We will discuss our relationship with food, and, how a balanced, positive, and loving approach to how we cook and eat is essential to achieving a healthy body and mind. Cast aside the recipes, shake off the dietary information overload and learn to trust your instincts & enjoy cooking and eating!

12.15pm – lunch, a chance to eat the food we have prepared and connect with like minded souls about yoga and food-love!

The price of the workshop is £48 which will include the yoga, the cooking instruction and lunch including a smoothie and healthy treats to take home.

Spaces are limited so we can give you a really personal experience and lots of hands on time for the cooking part. To secure your space, payment is required in advance. Please transfer £48 to the account below and drop me an email to let me know you are coming.

I hope you are really well and taking care of yourself.



New Year, Same You, More Yoga

Ah January…the time of resolutions and vows to make changes to your lifestyle and personality. I find the idea of making wholesale changes to your life as the clock strikes midnight on 31st December kind of absurd. Are we, as intelligent human beings, not mindful of changes that could help us be happier every day of the year? Any guilt led decision is never going to be good for us and lets face it, having a green juice now does not negate the Christmas selection pack we munched through in one sitting. However having a green juice does improve your health right now. And this is where yoga can help us with our attitude to food. Stop feeling guilty for what is past and stop worrying for what is to come.

Making healthy choices can be challenging in the modern world and in my view January is a pretty terrible time for any of these so called cleanses. Guess what, the body knows how to detox itself if you give it the space to do so, but not if you keep filling it with junk food and sugar. See below for my tips on the small changes you can make to feel energised and happy in January. Cleansing is great but in my view leave that until Spring when there are more daylight hours, more seasonal fresh produce and the body intuitively knows its a time of renewal and growth. So accept what happened over Christmas, look back on it fondly and move forward into 2015 knowing you can make changes or resolutions, however small, at any time you choose.


Yoga Classes Spring 2015 and NEW Venue

Classes start back TOMORROW Tuesday 6th January. Please email to reserve your space.

My class schedule for Spring 2015 is now up on my website Classes on a Tuesday night, Wednesday lunch, Wednesday night and Friday lunchtime remain at the same time and at the same venues.

I have two *New Classes* to add to my timetable which will take place atMarchmont St Giles Church. St Giles Church is the home of Soul Shine Yoga. Soul Shine Yoga is a collective of yoga teachers, each with their own unique style. Each teacher is in charge of their own classes. We have a collective website where you can view classes:

These are:

Monday 11am-12pm Vinyasa yoga for beginners (All welcome)

Saturday 10-11am Pregnancy Yoga (Students welcome post 12 week scan).

These classes will begin in January once I have demand from students and have raised awareness. Most of my clients come to class through word of mouth so I would be very grateful if you could share these 2 new classes with anyone you think might benefit and ask them to email me to notify of interest and to book.


Please always let me know by a short email if you are coming to class – you can book in advance, say for the same class for 5 weeks and I will reserve your place.

Where possible I ask that students book in blocks of 5 or more and commit to coming weekly where they can. This is so I can ensure your safe progression with the class as it develops. If you cannot make a class, please let me know by email as soon as possible in advance so someone else can take your spot.

The new classes at Marchmont will take place as 5 week blocks to ensure continuity. Existing students are more than welcome to drop in to these classes.

Healthy Eating Tips
Some of you may have seen my facebook posts about clean and alkaline eating.  Alkaline eating has come to my attention through learning about juicing and in particular green juice. What is alkaline food and why is it so good for you? Alkaline forming foods are those which when combined with your digestive enzymes become alkaline. Broadly vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, pulses and wholegrains are alkalising, whilst animal produce, dairy, fizzy drinks, processed foods and sugar are acid forming. Alkalising foods are easier for the body to break down and closer to your blood’s natural PH of 7.3-7.5, meaning the body can run efficiently and with more energy – think of it like putting premium petrol into your very own Ferrari (you my dear are a Ferrari).  This is not to say you should never eat acid forming foods in small amounts, diluted by all the good alkaline they are not going to do you any harm.

With this in mind, here are my tips for healthy eating in January:

  • Don’t try to go cold turkey. Just don’t. Unless you have iron will power it is nigh on impossible. Whatever it is you would like to reduce (caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy) start by cutting back on it each day with a timescale for when you would like to totally eliminate it (say 1-2 weeks).
  • Commit to two alkalising meals a day.
  • Cut back on red meat to 2/3 servings per week. If you are not vegetarian why not try having a vegetarian meal at least once a week.
  • If you eat dairy, enjoy full fat, organic varieties. Don’t eat anything labelled low fat, ever. Essentially these products have the fat stripped out and replaced with sugar and other nonsense.
  • Replace instead of Remove. Its so much easier when you have a healthy alternative to reach for. Love smoothies but your skin doesn’t like too much dairy – replace dairy milk with nut milk. Have a chocolate addiction – replace with dark chocolate or even better raw chocolate.
  • Homemake food where you can. In my view, any meal made from scratch with love is a healthy meal.
  • Enjoy some healthy cooking books and blogs with enticing pictures. Use those books to form your shopping list.
  • Use that shopping list to do your food shop. I like to do my food shop online so I can sit with my cookbooks and create a rough meal plan for the week taking as much time as I need to get the right items. It is such a great feeling to have a fridge full of healthy options and so much easier to make good choices.
  • Eat food that makes you feel happy after eating it. Don’t eat foods that give you guilt, make you tired or bloated.
  • Allow yourself treats or a treat day. Life is too short.  When you do have a treat do NOT feel guilty about it. Consciously decide you want to have the treat and then enjoy every mouthful.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to change over night. Its been nearly 2 years since my first foray into clean eating and still I’m making small changes all the time.
  • Listen to the response your body is giving you. Not all healthy foods will make you feel better, try to notice when certain foods make you feel amazing.

If you feel a bit lost or need some extra support drop me an email and I can point you in the direction of some great websites and books.

Green juice and bounce balls

Juicing is an easy way to get more greens at this time of year when salad leaves are less than appealing. Here is my go to recipe for an easy green juice:

Half a cucumber
1 stick celery
handful of spinach or kale
2 granny smith apples
½ inch root ginger
Juice of one lemon (some juicers take whole lemons – check yours and remove skin if need be)

Juice all in that order and drink straight away.

No juicer? No problem –  stick 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, handful of ice and a handful of spinach in a blender or food processor. Blend, enjoy.

Bounce balls for a lift before Yoga

Blend 1 cup of almonds, 1 cup of walnuts/pecans or a mixture in food processor to a fine crumb. Remove and set aside.
Soak 1 cup of dates (pitted or remove the stones) in hot water to moisten for 10-20 mins). Blend dates in food processor with one tablespoon melted coconut oil.

Throw the nuts into this mixture and blend again. Add 1 tbs raw cacao powder, 1 tbs chia seeds and 1 tbs flax seeds if you have them. Mix again until, mixture becomes gooey and stops turning. Remove and use hands to mould in little bite size balls. Keep in fridge and eat before yoga or instead of chocolate.

Jivamukti Workshop

On Sunday 18th January there will be a rare opportunity for us to learn from an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher Durga Devi in Edinburgh Jivamukti yoga is a physical form of yoga combined with some spiritual aspects and chanting.This class will be great for any of you that have enjoyed my power yoga class. The workshop is being held at Marchmont St Giles Church in the main hall from 2pm-4pm and costs £25.

There will be a social after with nibbles and drinks. For tickets please contact Evelyn at or telephone 07765533440

lululemon community classes

The wonderful ladies at lululemon athletica Edinburgh showroom on Castle Street are continuing to run free yoga classes every Saturday at 10am in 2015. I am teaching a “Love Yourself” special on Valentines day 14th February so get it in the diary. Lululemon is a great community space to go, hang out and talk all things fitness, health and goals related with their inspiring team. Hope to see you there soon!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that whatever it brings you find opportunity for growth and acceptance.  I am so grateful for all of your continued support and look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon. Please get in touch to reserve your space or with any questions.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Classes, Edinburgh