Take the upgrade

As part of my experience as lululemon ambassador, I have been taking part in a leadership and personal development course known as IGOLU. Lululemon is big on helping their employees and ambassadors reaching their full potential. On the outside this may not seem that different from other big companies however lululemon actively encourage employees to share their very personal goals with the company, even if that means they eventually want to leave to pursue other ambitions. I find this so refreshing ( and not something you would ever see in my previous life as a lawyer where everyone pretends to want to be a partner to keep their job).

One of the main principles I took from my IGOLU training is to “take the upgrade”. As part of the course we are encouraged to ask others about our qualities and areas we need to work on. One of the lovely things that comes out of this is a true view on how others see you. Once you have accepted that view, you then adopt it as your own and believe you are the person your biggest champions believe you to be. Its a really nice feeling and as I’m British and can’t accept a compliment without giving one, I found myself writing my answers in respect of the people I asked which they really seemed to appreciate. I would recommend this practice to anyone but especially if you are going through any period of self doubt (don’t we all).The questions are:

  1. What do you most appreciate about me?
  2. What do you wish I would appreciate more about myself?
  3. What should I continue that supports my Best Self?
  4. Do you notice areas of my life where I experience a loss of power?
  5. When am I most inspired?
  6. What do you find challenging about me?
  7. What is the one thing you wish for me in the next three years?
  8. What is the one thing you believe I could master in my lifetime?

So at the start of this new week, ask some people close to you these questions and be inspired and supported by the answers.

When I met Susanne Conrad at the Get Quiet Live Loud Ambassador Gathering I was really impressed by her innate ability to draw out of people qualities that even themselves couldn’t articulate and she has this brilliant way of helping people find the best version of themselves. She also played this song at the start of the workshop just because she liked it and it made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.